6 days ago Colin Leroy... cleanup and add cloudflared master
6 days ago Colin Leroy... Fix dns conf
2021-04-19 Colin Leroy... Cleanup router
2021-04-19 Colin Leroy... Cleanup install phase
2021-04-19 Colin Leroy... Rework things for more cleanliness
2021-04-15 Colin Leroy... fix forwarder
2021-04-15 Colin Leroy... Fix TZ
2021-04-12 Colin Leroy... Automate more
2021-04-12 Colin Leroy... Setup out on eth1 too
2021-04-12 Colin Leroy... Start DHCP at .9
2021-04-12 Colin Leroy... Fix use of mDNS .local domain
2021-04-11 Colin LeroyAnsible a simple RPi-based router
2021-04-10 Colin LeroyMerge branch 'master' of colino.net:/home/colin/git...
2021-04-10 Colin LeroyAdd IP hardcoding to /etc/hosts
2021-03-17 Colin Leroy... Fix Apache2 log rotation
2020-12-22 Colin LeroyStart ansibling homescreen
2020-10-16 Colin LeroyRework main playbook, deploy tado daemon
2020-10-11 Colin LeroyAdd Tado watcher
2020-04-26 Colin Leroysplit sensors handler
2020-04-26 Colin Leroypush ssh keys, set timezone
2020-04-25 Colin LeroyPrepare work for ansibling screen
2019-04-27 Colin Leroyfix overrides in Apache2
2019-03-31 Colin Leroyfeat(gaspar): install gaspar data fetching tool
2019-02-27 Colin LeroyAnsible playbooks for my domotic installation deployment