2021-04-10 Colin Leroy... Make system more resilient to web outage master
2020-12-12 Colin Leroy... Fix IPS
2020-11-15 Colin Leroy... Warning fix
2020-11-15 Colin Leroy... More heater info
2020-10-18 Colin LeroyFix config import
2020-10-18 Colin Leroy... Fix Tado
2020-10-18 Colin Leroy... Better transactions
2020-10-18 Colin Leroy... Optimize send
2020-10-18 Colin Leroy... Allow zones overrides
2020-10-18 Colin Leroy... Fix Tado menu on clien
2020-10-18 Colin Leroy... Add control of home zone mode
2020-10-17 Colin Leroy... more Tado layout, preparation of controlling
2020-10-17 Colin Leroy... tado layout
2020-10-16 Colin Leroy... fix field name
2020-10-16 Colin Leroytypo fix
2020-10-16 Colin Leroy... Forward tado devices
2020-10-16 Colin Leroy... Cleaner Tado data fetching
2020-10-11 Colin Leroy... Start Tado implementation
2020-04-26 Colin Leroy... Show loading screen
2020-04-26 Colin Leroy... Little optimisation
2020-04-26 Colin Leroyadd missing parameter
2020-04-26 Colin Leroy... Split sensors daemon
2020-04-26 Colin Leroy... Split open/close too
2020-04-26 Colin Leroy... Split general and sensor databases
2020-04-26 Colin Leroy... Fix case
2020-04-26 Colin Leroy... Finish "implementing" script_only switches
2020-04-25 Colin Leroy... Faster shutdown
2020-04-25 Colin Leroy... Add scripts subsystem
2019-11-07 Colin Leroy... Feature: Add a per-switch setting to enable every-minut...
2019-11-07 Colin Leroy... Feature: add a way to pause schedules individually
2019-10-18 Colin Leroy... use setTimeout instead of setInterval
2019-06-27 Colin Leroy... Add crappy modes for GPIO (some relays trigger as soon...
2019-05-05 Colin Leroy... fix previous commit
2019-05-05 Colin Leroy... typo fix
2019-05-05 Colin Leroy... Fix typos
2019-04-27 Colin Leroy... fix Gaspar current month
2019-04-01 Colin LeroyShorter
2019-04-01 Colin LeroyChange layout a bit
2019-04-01 Colin Leroy* Add Gaspar
2019-02-24 Colin Leroy... Merge branch 'master' of colino.net:/home/colin/git...
2019-02-24 Colin Leroy... No logs by default
2019-01-30 Colin LeroyFix: re-add forgotten types
2019-01-29 Colin LeroyLittle fixes after DB reinit
2018-12-01 Colin Leroy* Add license header
2018-11-30 Colin LeroyAdd license
2018-11-09 Colin Leroycontinue fixing script
2018-11-09 Colin LeroyFix script
2018-11-08 Colin LeroyAdd watchdog
2018-09-09 Colin Leroy* Cleanup graphs
2018-09-09 Colin Leroy* Graphs: Average old values where needed
2018-09-08 Colin Leroy* Graph fixes mainly
2018-09-08 Colin Leroy* Little fixes
2018-09-08 Colin Leroy* OTGW: Fix visualisation
2018-09-07 Colin Leroy* Start work on opentherm
2018-09-05 Colin Leroy* Show only one month of data
2018-09-05 Colin Leroy* Fix performance: clean outdated sensor data
2018-06-25 Colin Leroy* Less size
2018-06-25 Colin Leroy* Have enable_schedules AJAXified too
2018-06-25 Colin Leroy* Make schedule toggling cleaner
2018-06-25 Colin Leroy* Make schedule enabling client-server
2018-06-25 Colin Leroy* Only run schedules when enabled
2018-06-25 Colin Leroy* Add settings
2018-06-23 Colin LeroysetInterval not Timeout
2018-06-21 Colin Leroy* Add time
2018-06-06 Colin LeroyDisable periodic sending while we're pairing switches
2018-06-03 Colin Leroy* Add Wake on LAN
2018-06-03 Colin Leroy* More compact layout for Rpi 3.5" screen
2018-06-02 Colin Leroy* Don't use forEach(), for Epiphany 3.8 compatibility
2018-05-30 Colin Leroy* More tests
2018-05-30 Colin Leroy* Add more tests (and check for empty names in switches...
2018-05-30 Colin Leroy* Use separate database when testing
2018-05-29 Colin Leroywhitespace
2018-05-29 Colin Leroy* Fix tests on php7
2018-05-29 Colin Leroy* Add testing infrastructure
2018-05-29 Colin Leroy* Whitespace: trailing whitespace
2018-05-29 Colin Leroy* Whitespace: tabs to spaces
2018-05-29 Colin Leroy* Move complete db creation in one place and remove...
2018-05-29 Colin Leroy* Fix GPIO switches initial state
2018-05-28 Colin Leroy* Set cursor
2018-05-28 Colin Leroy* Switches: allow ordering
2018-05-26 Colin Leroy* Fix schedules
2018-05-25 Colin LeroyFix weird php error I don't want to debug
2018-05-25 Colin Leroy* Linky: don't hang if serial port doesn't send data
2018-05-25 Colin Leroy* Periodically resend switches states
2018-05-24 Colin LeroyAdd index on sensor_data
2018-05-24 Colin Leroy* Don't do anything if we didn't get an array
2018-05-24 Colin Leroy* Fix full data push with no extra data
2018-05-23 Colin LeroyFix status when null
2018-05-23 Colin Leroy* Keep displaying action until it's done
2018-05-23 Colin Leroy* Don't send sensors_data on all updates
2018-05-23 Colin Leroy* Optimize data sending
2018-05-22 Colin Leroy* Optimize group state change
2018-05-22 Colin Leroy* Implement group control
2018-05-22 Colin LeroyFix members import
2018-05-22 Colin Leroy* Push switch group members
2018-05-22 Colin Leroy* Push switch groups
2018-05-22 Colin Leroy* Add switch groups configuration GUI
2018-05-22 Colin Leroy* Add raspberry_gpio switch protocol
2018-05-22 Colin Leroy* Need a little bit more delay
2018-05-22 Colin Leroy* Use danger class by default